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Mark your calendars
Fall 2016 Book Sale
Sept 15-17, 2016

Special books at ridiculously reasonable prices!

Before each of the Friends of the Chatham Community Library’s book sales a regularly updated list of special donations will appear in this location. The books listed here will be displayed at the sale in "Claudia's Corner," a small room set aside for books that we think are special in some way. These are donated books that have caught the eye of a member of the volunteer book sale team. They may have a beautiful binding, be a first edition, have lovely illustrations, cover an intriguing topic, or have some other feature that sets them apart. Sets of books usually end up in Claudia's Corner as well, so that we can be sure the volumes stay together. The books in Claudia's Corner are not necessarily rare or expensive--though we often have one or two items per sale that might qualify as such. The books are selected for Claudia's Corner if we think they deserve more attention than they might receive it they were blended in with the thousands of other books on the main sales floor. Book sale volunteer Claudia Beach researches the unusual items and prices them at one-fourth to one-third of comparable items listed online. Her prices have been described as "ridiculously reasonable." As you can see in the list below, most items are priced at $15 or below.

Items to be included in Claudia's Corner will be added to the list below as they are donated and individually priced. A small number of items may be added to the offerings of Claudia's Corner at the last minute as we set up for the sale and therefore will not be included on the list. Be sure to shop the Corner for these last minute treasures as well.

This list is for the convenience of our book sale customers. We do not sell any items prior to the sale.

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